Call for Artists

Gardiner Paper Project:


Artist Call
The Gardiner Paper Project committee is inviting local artists to work with ideas that reflect their perceptions of Gardiner. The artists’ creations will be digitally captured, scaled, printed, and adhered to participating buildings with wheat paste.

Artists will receive a stipend of $150 and the cost of print and installation will be covered by the Paper Project. Kerstin Gilg will oversee the sizing, printing, and the installation process, but
artists will be expected to assist in installing and de-installing the work (July 29th install and mid-October de-install). It’s a fun process, you’ll love it.

Gardiner Paper Project: Temporary Public Art – Summer 2017

Project overview
The Artdogs Studios, Gardiner Creativity Fund, and Grdiner Main Street are working with artist Kerstin Gilg to continue the dynamic, highly visible, engaging, and visually compelling Gardiner Paper Project in downtown Gardiner. The first batch of installations were put up in late April, just before the May 5 Artwalk Gardiner. The goal of continuing the Gardiner Paper Project is to install more large-scale works prior to the August 04, Artwalk.

Guidelines for the installations are that the work:
· Is an original piece of artwork that has some connection with Gardiner
· Will not overtly advertise any existing business, product, or service
· Will be simple to install and remove
· Will meet image-appropriateness as determined by a community committee*

*Committee currently composed of Karen Adrienne (Artdogs), Clair Marron (Monkitree Tree), Patrick Wright (Gardiner Main Street), Kerstin Gilg (Project Administrator)

Artwork Sites
Artists should feel free to approach building owners if they want their work at a particular location. Examples of works can be seen on the north sides of some of the Water Street buildings facing the Cobbossee. Patrick at Gardiner Main Street can also help approach local building owners. Some key points are: the wheat paste adhesive is just flour and water and will not damage their building, the images are approved by a committee for appropriateness, and the works will be removed in October. Current locations to consider include:

• Gardiner Main Street (149 Water S.t
• Artdogs Studios (277 Water St.)
• Johnson Park (280 water St.)
• McKay Park (325 Water St.)
• Dennis’ Pizza (17 Bridge St.)
• A1 Diner (on lower street level)
• Other Locations

Interested artists should contact Kerstin Gilg: [email protected]