Craft Beer Cellar

John Callinan, owner of Craft Beer Cellar in Gardiner knows that life isn’t just about money, it’s about fun, and enjoying your work. That’s just what he does, he enjoys every minute of his day.

He worked in healthcare administration for over 35 years. He was employed at large teaching hospitals, and worked with Orthopedic surgeons in Lewiston/Auburn over ten years to expand their practice. When he retired, he got tired of fly fishing and motorcycles, so he decided to do something fun.

He fell in love with the building where Craft Beer Cellar is located, he knew that the location (right around the corner from the A1 Diner) was the perfect location for him. He found Gardiner to be business friendly. He found everything from economic development, Gardiner Main Street, the Fire Chief, and Code Enforcement to be helpful. He purchased the building in May 2015, and opened his business in November. Craft Beer Cellar, and John have both become fast fixtures in our town. They hold regular beer tasting events, and are active participants in Gardiner.


Craft Beer Cellar is a collaborative effort among all of the employees. John said there are no bosses there, just workers. Each person has a say in all aspects of the business, they contribute to the decisions on what labels are carried, and hold the same high standards for their products. They take pride in having good product. Fresh beer, good beer, beer you won’t find elsewhere. The windows have UV filters, and the lights are LED, all to ensure that the beer stays at it’s best. Hours when customers aren’t purchasing beer they remain busy making sure that things are suitable. They are always checking dates to make sure that they are providing only the freshest products.  All of the employees are eager to assist customers to find the right beer for them. Things are hoppin at Craft Beer Cellar.