Haunted Gardiner

My family grew up on Rt 24 in Gardiner, on the river, at the bottom of Cottage Street and close to the Gardiner Farm.

 This happened to my mother, actually, but her story lives vividly in my mind!!!

 Every evening she would take our dog out at around 11pm before retiring to bed.

 One evening, it was particularly foggy out, and quiet… my mother was at the edge of our driveway standing there with our dog, Mandy, when she heard what sounded to be hoof beats coming down the hill toward River Rd from Cottage St.  My mother looked up to see a man high on a black stallion, wearing a black cape and top hat.  He had stopped next to her.  He looked down, tipped his hat, and he on his horse walked down towards the river.

 She said he disappeared into the fog…. right before her eyes… her account of this story made every hair on my body stand up straight!  My mother still lives there.

Want to hear more spooky tales about Gardiner? Have a tale of your own to share? Join us for this free event at the Gardiner Public Library. Thursday, October 27, 2016 from 6:30-8. If you are unable to attend, or don’t want to share your story live, email it to [email protected]