Mainiac Brewing & Supply LLC

“No one likes an uncheerful, unhappy beer brewer” states Rick McCormick with a chuckle.
He had just finished up with a new customer from out of state. After starting with an online store, they had decided to stop by Mainiac Brewing & Supply while they were visiting family in Farmingdale. What they received was a full service transaction, they purchased a kit but also left with recipes, tips, and an offer to follow up.


Rick and his partner Tim brought their business to Gardiner four years ago. After working in government for 27 years, Rick had a midlife crisis, and his wife told him to “figure out what you want to do when you grow up”. They are self taught brewers, doing a lot of reading, brewing, and taking notes. Over the years they developed their palate, and now they share their knowledge and experience with their customers.


Home brewing is a lot of fun, there is something for everyone. Beer can be work intensive but you can crack open your own home brews in 5-6 weeks. Wine takes more patience, it’s under an hour of work but then it needs time to sit before you can enjoy it. Beer, wine, cider, whatever you’re interested in creating Mainiac Brewing and Supply is the perfect place to get started.