Gardiner's growing economy

With a vibrant mix of retail, services, eateries and residential housing, Downtown Gardiner is a service center for 27,000 people in a 5-mile radius… and 71,000 in the immediate area. And we just keep growing.

With both cable and DSL internet service available, free ample parking, and competitively priced, comfortable commercial space for rent, Gardiner is business-friendly in every way. We’re experienced in developing creative solutions for business, and are currently implementing a multi-million dollar redevelopment program that encompasses infrastructure, maintenance and aesthetic improvements to the downtown, waterfront, and industrial/business area – including initiatives in arts, culture, recreation, tourism and conference opportunities.

The Gardiner economy is a major part of Maine’s second largest retail and labor market. With its close proximity to I-295 and the Maine Turnpike, Gardiner offers the ideal location to live, work, locate a business, or commute to nearby Augusta, Waterville, or other Maine economic centers. Fact is, over 30,000 cars travel through downtown Gardiner each day!


Gardiner’s population skews younger, with the bulk of our residents under the age of 59. We welcome our growing number of young families!

While population figures in the City of Gardiner have been holding steady at around 6,100 people, our immediate trade area of 8 surrounding towns has a population nearing 21,000. Plus, the local trade area includes an additional 10 towns with a total population topping out at over 65,000, all within a 20-mile radius of downtown Gardiner.

The surrounding towns include Maine’s capital city, Augusta, with a population of 18,000. Most of the remaining 17 towns are rural, supporting working farms and the spirit of country living.


Gardiner boasts over 250 companies, with more than $80 million paid in annual salaries in 2009. Employment opportunities range from construction and retail trade to healthcare and professional services — including scientific and technical jobs, with over 135 companies in those industries alone.


Housing prices in Gardiner remain very competitive. Fact is, this is a town where you can get a lot of house for the money.

Commuting Patterns

Gardiner has been considered a “bedroom community” for Augusta and all of central Maine, but it is also a service center for residents of other Central Maine communities. In fact, nearly the same number of commuters comes into Gardiner each day as travel from Gardiner to other locations – some 2,600 in 2008.

Where Gardiner Workers Commuted from – 2008
Place Number Percent
Gardiner city, ME 396 14.80%
Augusta city, ME 266 10.00%
Farmingdale CDP, ME 112 4.20%
Randolph CDP, ME 94 3.50%
Waterville city, ME 52 1.90%
Hallowell city, ME 38 1.40%
Brunswick CDP, ME 29 1.10%
Winslow CDP, ME 25 0.90%
Richmond CDP, ME 25 0.90%
Lewiston city, ME 25 0.90%
All Other Locations 1,608 60.20%
Total 2,670 100%

Source: US Census Bureau, LED OnTheMap Origin-Destination Database, Beginning of Quarter Employment, 2nd Quarter 2008

Where Gardiner Residents Commuted to for Work – 2008
Place Number Percent
Augusta city, ME 722 27.40%
Gardiner city, ME 396 15.00%
Hallowell city, ME 117 4.40%
Bath city, ME 107 4.10%
Lewiston city, ME 104 3.90%
Waterville city, ME 83 3.20%
Portland city, ME 78 3.00%
Auburn city, ME 74 2.80%
Bangor city, ME 52 2.00%
Brunswick CDP, ME 51 1.90%
All Other Locations 849 32.20%
Total 2,633 100%

Source: US Census Bureau, LED OnTheMap Origin-Destination Database, Beginning of Quarter Employment, 2nd Quarter 2008

Compiled from economic data provided by Policy One – 4/8/10


Demographic Data

  • Population (Census 2000): 6,198
  • Median Household Income: $35,103
  • Total Households: 2,510
  • Male Population: 2,986
  • Female Population: 3,212
  • Median Age: 38
  • Average Home Value: $76,900
  • Average Rent: $437
  • Real Estate Taxes: $1,344

Source: U.S. Census Bureau; Census 2000, Summary File 3 (SF3)