Programs & Incentives

Monkitree Copyright J. Rodden

Monkitree Copyright J. Rodden

The Gardiner Growth Initiative

Gardiner Main Street is proud to be part of one of the most aggressive Downtown Redevelopment programs in the state of Maine

Click here:  GGI Program Packet Final to Download full program description and preliminary proposal packet.

In order to realize the full potential for economic growth in Gardiner, Gardiner Main Street, The Gardiner Board of Trade, The Bank of Maine, and the City of Gardiner have collaborated to present an incentive package that will attract high quality, experienced businesses to supplement recent business growth and real estate/infrastructure investment in Downtown Gardiner. In order to bring the market to full maturity, the collaborating parties have established an attraction package that presents an opportunity for established and growing businesses to expand or locate in Gardiner with very little risk. Gardiner Main Street and The Bank of Maine address infrastructure and fit-up expenses through a forgivable loan program. Landlords offer free rent for long term leases. The Gardiner Board of Trade issues micro grants for soft costs such as inventory and working capital. The City of Gardiner offers a tax rebate for qualified real estate/building projects. Preference will be given to Maine businesses expanding by opening an additional location in Gardiner, but will also include those relocating to Gardiner, and expansions of successful existing businesses from a list of priority business types. In rare cases, startups may be considered provided entrepreneur has extensive previous business experience, and an exemplary business plan including strong leverage from other assets and working capital.


The City of Gardiner, working with the Gardiner Board of Trade, area businesses, and local financial institutions, have created several programs designed to assist businesses with project financing as well as site location, planning, and development costs. For businesses looking to locate or expand in Gardiner, the City offers special financing and tax incentive programs such as:

Revolving Loan Fund and Loan Guarantee Program

For eligible business sectors:
Pine Tree Development Zone

For designated enterprise zones:
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Other programs include:

  • Sewer Rate Incentive Program
  • Small Business Development Counseling
  • Workforce Development programs
  • Design & Permitting assistance

For complete details on Gardiner’s business assistance programs, click here.

The City of Gardiner is an Equal Opportunity Lender