Downtown Gardiner – Wheat Paste Project


April 24-2017

Contact: Kerstin Gilg at Artdogs Artist Studios

Phone 207-332-4775, email – [email protected]


Big Paper: Artists Create Public Installation for Artwalk Gardiner

The May 5 Artwalk Gardnier will offer a little more to the visitors attending the event. In addition to artists’ studios and businesses being open and celebrating the local culture of the riverfront community, six artists will have installed large scale wheat-paste installations on the backs of selected buildings; adding an entirely new dimension to the festivities.

The installations are part of the 10th annual Variations exhibition. Each year for the past decade, the artists in the Artdogs Studios have created a body of work based on the variation of a theme. In the past the theme has focused on objects, poems from local literary artists, or public spaces in the Gardiner area. This year artists will be using buildings in downtown Gardiner as a canvas for their work.

Artwork by Karen Adrienne, John Carnes Kerstin Gilg, Scott King, Scott Minzy, and Tyson Pease will be installed before the May Artwalk Gardiner. The work will remain through the summer and be removed in autumn. The Circling The Square Fine Art Press will host a gallery exhibit based on the installations later in the season. Giving the community an opportunity to discuss the work and meet the artists.

“ The project is a response to the positive community reaction to two wheat-pasteinstallations we facilitated last year.” said Karen Adrienne, director of Artdogs Studios.  “Artdogs was able to work with artists Peter Precourt and Kerstin Gilg on a large installation of E.A. Robinson and with our own Scott Minzy on a stylized sturgeon. People who use the downtown really liked the additions so we decided to do it again and make it part of the annual Variations show. It is also a way to bring art into the broader community and welcome warm weather right after the Maine winter.“

“We needed to do more preparation than usual for this project” offered contributing artist Kerstin Gilg. “ We needed to build partnerships with the local merchants who are sharing their buildings, as well as making sure the City was supportive of the idea. We also needed to put some parameters around content while also allowing the artists to do interesting work. The guidelines for the project were that the work: needed to be an original piece of by an Artdogs artist, the work should have some connection with Gardiner, and it could not advertise any existing business, product, or service. ”

The Artdogs Studios is an artist collective in the heart of historic downtown Gardiner Maine. Established in 2004, the studio is organized on the belief that the arts are vital to the culture and economic health of a community. Some projects that the organization has championed include Artwalk Gardiner, the Art in the Park annual installation in Johnson Park, and lectures and workshops for the creative community.

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