Available Properties


Looking for a place to live? Click here to find available residential properties in the Gardiner area. You can sort this listing by price range, number of bedrooms, number of baths, property type, square footage, property features and more.



Libby Hill Business Park, City of Gardiner

Land pricing is based on $0.75/square foot of developable land, for lots in the phase I area. Lot prices in the phase I area range from $79,200 to $224,400.

Lots are priced at $0.99/per developable square foot for land in the phase II expansion area. Lots can be combined, if necessary.


• 260 acres
• 28 original lots
• Designated a TIF Zone
• Designated a Pine Tree Development Zone (PTDZ)
• All lots have water, sewer, electric utilities, and communications infrastructure
• All lots have been pre-permitted by State & Federal regulatory agencies


286 Water Street, Downtown Gardiner

Available for rent – 6000 s.f. on first floor, 3000 s.f. on second floor.

Call 380-6400 for more info.


405 Water Street, Gardiner

Area Leasing & Development, 207.582.2659.

Several spaces are available in this building.  Easy access to downtown, great parking.


7 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner

Office space for rent in Health and Wellness building in the heart of Gardiner.