Swine & Stein Business Promotion



The 9th annual Swine & Stein Oktoberfest will take place on Water Street on Saturday, October 6th from 11:30am to 5:30pm. 2,000+ people are expected to come and enjoy fine beers, live music and specialty food vendors. We encourage you to use this opportunity to come up with fun and creative ways to bring people to your business. Gardiner Main Street will share your promotions in our marketing of the event and on the handouts that every attendee will receive at the gate.

Fun and noteworthy promotions will help bring people to your location.

  • Offer a discount to people dressed in traditional German clothing

  • Have a sale on items related to the event: pork products, pink colored items, pretzels, items from Germany, etc.

  • Create special packages of products in a pint glass or beer stein

  • Add or feature a pork item on your menu: pulled pork pizza, pork mac & cheese, etc.

  • Create your own event on your own or with another business, can be a simple and quick like a timed contest, or more elaborate like a fashion show

  • Encourage people to take photos in your store to share on social media, put your logo on a German hat for people to use as a prop, or have them share a photo of them in your store on Facebook for a prize drawing

We would like to know how you would like to be involved with this year’s Swine & Stein. Share your plans with us!

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