Gardiner Main Street Supporters

Gardiner Main Street is a non-profit organization that relies on broad-based community support. We want to once again thank the many supporters who have contributed financially to Gardiner Main Street this year — with local individuals, families, businesses and property owners investing in downtown Gardiner, we’re making a difference! 

Individual/Family Supporters

Business Supporters


Robert Abbey

Julie Armstrong

Everett Ayer

John Beaudoin

Daniel Bence

Michael & Kara Bensen

John & Kate Carnes

Denis Carrier

Cheryl Clark

Nire Cook

Lisa Copenhaver

Nate and Jamie Cotnoir

Elizabeth Cuprack

Judith Dorsey

Gail Dyer

Carl Fisher & Harold Norvell

Megan Flanagan

Lynette and Gerorge Eastman

Connie Greenleaf

Gail Ham

Thomas Harnett

Malcom Harris and Cheryl Drake

Richard Heath

Beatrice Hicks

Robert Lash

Lisa Liberatore

Andrew MacLean

Marion Malcom

Ted and Diane Potter

Amy Rees

Cynthia & Francois Roodman

Ed Rykken

Marnni Lynn Senko

Jane Louise Soule

Todd & Bridgett Wagner

Dorothy Washburne

Dennis Wheelock – Magnusson Balfour

Debby Willis

Marjorie & John Burgess

Frederick Fahlsing

Cynthia Yachanin